only pictured concerts listed.


december 06th, 1999 : fontane-haus

november 26th, 1999 : raumschiff zitrone

"lemon space-ship", exciting place to play, because it's an old and very small cinema in 70s style.

august-november 1999 : lambda-studio

april 23rd, 1999 : junction bar

march 19th, 1999 : knorre

"...dissociation, I drank ten bottles of wine." (gutter here i am)

february 12th, 1999 : niagara bar

our best concerts in Berlin, because they were so loud and powerful.

december 12th, 1998 : parkhaus

november 06th, 1998 : café jo

october 10th, 1998 : zosch

october 10th, 1998 : breakfast club

september 30th, 1998 : wild at heart

july 31st, 1998 : j.w.d.

july 31st, 1998 : j.w.d. backstage

the strangest pictures we ever had taken. no we're not on drugs!

july 24th, 1998 : anette's wohnzimmer

public party in private rooms. Anette, our guitarists girlfriend, made her living room available to the band. thanks a lot!

may 07th, 1998 : bad in hannover

the band's first concert. we opened for And Also The Trees. we played in front of more than 200 people!